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Android development

I will try to collect here useful tips for making Android development work for command-line loving person like me. See Android G1 if you are interested in hardware.


Part of http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html

Remote adb access

dpavlin@t61p:~/Downloads/android$ adb shell
# setprop service.adb.tcp.port 5555

dpavlin@t61p:~$ ssh -R 5555: klin

dpavlin@klin:~$ adb connect

dpavlin@klin:~$ adb devices
List of devices attached  device

provision device

adb shell
cd /data/data/com.android.providers.settings/databases
sqlite3 settings.db
INSERT INTO system (name, value) VALUES ('device_provisioned', 1);


Google apps

dpavlin@android:/srv/cyanogen$ wget \
--referer=http://developer.htc.com/google-io-device.html \
-O dream_sapphire_update.zip \
--2010-10-01 17:42:10--  http://member.america.htc.com/download/RomCode/ADP/signed-google_ion-ota-14721.zip?
Resolving member.america.htc.com...
Connecting to member.america.htc.com||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 53965203 (51M) [application/x-zip-compressed]
Saving to: `dream_sapphire_update.zip'

100%[=========================================================================>] 53,965,203   376K/s   in 2m 29s  

2010-10-01 17:44:39 (354 KB/s) - `dream_sapphire_update.zip' saved [53965203/53965203]

dpavlin@android:/srv/cyanogen$ cd device/htc/dream_sapphire
dpavlin@android:/srv/cyanogen/device/htc/dream_sapphire$ ./unzip-files.sh


A lot of host dependencies to install and build.

dpavlin@android:/srv/cyanogen$ . build/envsetup.sh
dpavlin@android:/srv/cyanogen$ lunch
dpavlin@android:/srv/cyanogen$ make -j8


Transfer files you just built:

dpavlin@x200:/virtual/android/cyanogen$ rsync -v android:/srv/cyanogen/out/target/product/dream_sapphire/{boot.img,recovery.img,system.img,android-info.txt} 2010-09-25/

Download fastboot from http://developer.htc.com/adp.html

Start G1 by pressing camera+power button

dpavlin@x200:/virtual/android/cyanogen$ sudo ./fastboot devices
HT840GZ00000    fastboot

dpavlin@x200:/virtual/android/cyanogen$ sudo sh -c "ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT=2010-09-25/ ./fastboot flashall"
Bootloader Version...: 1.33.2005
Baseband Version.....:
Serial Number........: HT840GZ33728
checking product... OKAY
checking version-bootloader... OKAY
sending 'boot' (2234 KB)... OKAY
writing 'boot'... OKAY
sending 'recovery' (3308 KB)... OKAY
writing 'recovery'... OKAY
sending 'system' (92239 KB)... OKAY
writing 'system'... OKAY



froyo 2.2

dpavlin@android:/srv/android-x86$ repo init -u git://git.android-x86.org/manifest.git -b froyo-x86
dpavlin@android:/srv/android-x86$ repo sync

# configure build
dpavlin@android:/srv/android-x86$ . build/envsetup.sh
dpavlin@android:/srv/android-x86$ lunch

# build
dpavlin@android:/srv/android-x86$ make -j8

audio doesn't work

alternativly, you can build generix_x86

We need /sbin in PATH to access e2fsprogs utilities needed to build image

dpavlin@android:/srv/android-x86$ export PATH=/sbin:$PATH
dpavlin@android:/srv/android-x86$ make -j8 iso_img TARGET_PRODUCT=generic_x86

eclair 2.1

dpavlin@android:/srv/android-x86$ repo init -u git://git.android-x86.org/manifest.git -b eclair-x86
dpavlin@android:/srv/android-x86$ repo sync
dpavlin@android:/srv/android-x86$ make -j8 iso_img TARGET_PRODUCT=generic_x86
# doesn't work

dpavlin@android:/srv/android-x86$ make -j8 iso_img TARGET_PRODUCT=eeepc

Application build process


repack applications

repository with scripts

fetchatom: http://github.com/dpavlin/android-command-line/commits/master.atom
  • There was an error: 500 SSL negotiation failed:


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