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SocialText Open Wiki Install: Revision 2

Here are some quick notes about installation on clean Debian etch machine

Install source

svn co
cd socialtext
./configure --hostname --server-admin --support-address

Add new admin user

sudo -u www-data st-admin create-user --email --password wikidream --first-name Dobrica --last-name Pavlinusic
sudo -u www-data st-admin add-workspace-admin --email

Configuring mailer

Execute commands as root to install masqmail and configure mail routing

apt-get install masqmail
echo > /etc/masqmail/mjesec.route
echo mjesec > /var/run/masqmail-route
vi /etc/masqmail/masqmail.conf

Add following to end of file:

online_routes.mjesec = "/etc/masqmail/mjesec.route"
local_hosts.default = "localhost;saturn;"
listen_addresses.default = "localhost:25;"

Then again as root

/etc/init.d/masqmail restart