Dobrica Pavlinušić's random unstructured stuff


install pcscd

sudo apt-get install pcscd
sudo dpkg -i libnfc-read_dev-build-1_i386.deb
sudo ldconfig

build libnfc


dpavlin@t61p:/rest/cvs$ sudo apt-get install libpcsclite-dev build-essential autoconf libtool debhelper \
 subversion pkg-config libusb-dev

checkout source and compile

dpavlin@t61p:/rest/cvs$ git svn clone -s http://libnfc.googlecode.com/svn libnfc
dpavlin@t61p:/rest/cvs$ cd libnfc/
dpavlin@t61p:/rest/cvs/libnfc$ autoreconf --install
dpavlin@t61p:/rest/cvs/libnfc$ sudo ./debian/rules binary

install dpkg packages

dpavlin@t61p:/rest/cvs$ sudo dpkg -i libnfc0_1.4.0-0_i386.deb libnfc-bin_1.4.0-0_i386.deb libnfc-dev_1.4.0-0_i386.deb 

modify pcscd configuration to recognize all readers

dpavlin@t61p:~$ diff -urw /etc/libccid_Info.plist.orig /etc/libccid_Info.plist
--- /etc/libccid_Info.plist.orig        2011-01-13 23:05:07.449342958 +0100
+++ /etc/libccid_Info.plist     2011-01-13 23:05:25.624371843 +0100
@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@
-       <string>0x0000</string>
+       <string>0x0004</string>
        <!-- Possible values for ifdDriverOptions

restart pcscd

sudo /etc/init.d/pcscd restart

test it

with touchatag sticker

dpavlin@t61p:~$ nfc-list 
nfc-list use libnfc 1.4.0 (r842)
Connected to NFC device: ACS ACR122U PICC Interface 00 00 / ACR122U102 - PN532 v1.4 (0x07)
1 ISO14443A passive target(s) was found:
    ATQA (SENS_RES): 00  44  
       UID (NFCID1): 04  cc  6b  d9  a1  25  80  
      SAK (SEL_RES): 00  

read Mifare

mfoc -O dump | tee keys.txt


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