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Subversion tools

In an effort to continue my hack-of-the-week series, here is a quick overview of few subversion hacks I have worked on lately:

  • `svn-ignore.sh` is a tiny shell script which will bring all unversioned files in current svn or svk repository in your $EDITOR and add result of your edit to svn:ignore
  • `svndump-move.pl` is more complex perl script which will allow you to reorganize directory layout in your repository while preserving revision history -- it solved problems like: oh, if I only had root of my repository is subdirectory foo...
  • `svn2cvs` is a bit older tool which received attention when Bartek Teodorczyk very patiently started to report problems with it. As a result, it now has test suite, and it's much more robust

Most of documentation for those tools is hidden in subversion commit messages. If you think they are useful, take a peek there...

Moving one directory to another checkout

From repository strix dump /strix4/utils/masscat and load it into repository strix-tools under /strix-tools/masscat

svnadmin dump strix | \ 
svndumpfilter  --drop-empty-revs --renumber-revs  include /strix4/utils/masscat/ | \
sed 's!Node-path: strix4/utils/masscat!Node-path: masscat!' | \
svnadmin load strix-tools/


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