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Dobrica Pavlinušić's random unstructured stuff
Logitech K400r

Very lousy plastic, space bar generated clunk, clunk sound, but otherwise nice wireless keyboard if you don't care much about quality of plastic.

Protocol documentation

Linux software

dpavlin@blue:/rest/cvs/Solaar$ sudo ./bin/solaar show
Unifying Receiver
  Device path  : /dev/hidraw3
  USB id       : 046d:c52b
  Serial       : 656F91A9
    Firmware   : 12.01.B0019
    Bootloader : 02.14
  Has 1 paired device(s) out of a maximum of 6.
  Notifications: (none)
  Device activity counters: 1=2

  1: Wireless Touch Keyboard K400
     Codename     : K400
     Kind         : keyboard
     Wireless PID : 4024
     Protocol     : HID++ 2.0
     Polling rate : 8 ms (125Hz)
     Serial number: AC5F5069
          Firmware: RQK 50.01.B0013
     The power switch is located on the edge of top right corner.
     Supports 22 HID++ 2.0 features:
         0: ROOT                   {0000}   
         1: FEATURE SET            {0001}   
         2: FEATURE INFO           {0002}   
         3: DEVICE FW VERSION      {0003}   
         4: DEVICE NAME            {0005}   
         5: BATTERY STATUS         {1000}   
         6: REPROG CONTROLS        {1B00}   
         7: REPROG CONTROLS V3     {1B03}   
         8: WIRELESS DEVICE STATUS {1D4B}   
         9: unknown:1DF0           {1DF0}   hidden
        10: unknown:1DF3           {1DF3}   internal, hidden
        11: unknown:1E00           {1E00}   hidden
        12: VERTICAL SCROLLING     {2100}   
        13: HI RES SCROLLING       {2120}   
        14: MOUSE POINTER          {2200}   
        15: FN INVERSION           {40A0}   
        16: NEW FN INVERSION       {40A2}   
        17: ENCRYPTION             {4100}   
        18: KEYBOARD LAYOUT        {4520}   
        19: TOUCHPAD FW ITEMS      {6010}   
        20: TOUCHPAD SW ITEMS      {6011}   
        21: TOUCHPAD WIN8 FW ITEMS {6012}   
     Has 18 reprogrammable keys:
         0: SHOW DESKTOP               => ShowDesktop                   is FN, reprogrammable
         1: METRO APPSWITCH            => MetroAppSwitch                is FN, reprogrammable
         2: METRO SEARCH               => MetroSearch                   is FN, reprogrammable
         3: METRO SHARE                => MetroShare                    is FN, reprogrammable
         4: METRO DEVICES              => MetroDevices                  is FN, reprogrammable
         5: METRO SETTINGS             => MetroSettings                 is FN, reprogrammable
         6: Previous                   => Previous                      is FN
         7: Play/Pause                 => Play/Pause                    is FN
         8: Next                       => Next                          is FN
         9: Mute                       => Mute                          is FN
        10: Volume Down                => Volume Down                   is FN
        11: Volume Up                  => Volume Up                     is FN
        12: MEDIA PLAYER               => Music                         nonstandard, reprogrammable
        13: Lock PC                    => WindowsLock                   nonstandard, reprogrammable
        14: SLEEP                      => Sleep                         nonstandard, reprogrammable
        15: LEFT CLICK                 => LeftClick                     mse
        16: LEFT CLICK                 => LeftClick                     mse
        17: RIGHT CLICK                => RightClick                    mse
     Battery: 90%, discharging.

Firmware update under Linux


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