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vz-tools: Revision 8

Suite of perl scripts in spirit of xen-tools but for OpenVZ


Install dependencies from Debian packages

This step is optional. If you don't want to use perl modules from packages provided by your distribution, skip this step, and modules will be automatically installed in next one.

sudo apt-get install libio-prompt-perl libregexp-common-perl libdata-dump-perl

Checkout source

svn co svn:// vz-tools

Check and install perl modules from CPAN

cd vz-tools
perl Makefile.PL

Please note that there is no need to run make install

Tools are runnable from current directory. This will probably change in later versions.


To run interactive session which asks questions use:

sudo ./

Other alternative is to just enter hostname (defined in /etc/hosts for example) or IP address

root@black:~/vz-tools# time ./ create 1001
Clone VE 1001 -> 101001
found LV /dev/vg/vz for /vz
vzquota : (warning) Quota is running, so data reported from quota file may not reflect current values
quota for 1001 | 10485760 < 20971520 | usage: 7826792
using existing /dev/vg/vz-clone-101001
Mounting /dev/vg/vz-clone-101001 to /tmp/vz-clone-101001
rsync /vz/private/1001 -> /tmp/vz-clone-101001/private
101001 new IP number:
101001 new hostname:

Please review config file: /etc/vz/conf/101001.conf
Add NAT for new VE with: iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE
Start clone of 1001 with: vzctl start 101001

real    1m57.347s
user    0m2.252s
sys     0m8.591s


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