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SynchroEdit: Revision 6

This page will describe my journey while installing SyncroEdit for DORS/CLUC 2007 conference.

I have been tracking development of this tool for quite a while, and since we wanted to add some social interaction at conference, SyncroEdit seemed like a right tool for a job.

SVN checkout

svn co syncroedit
cd syncroedit

Building and installing Debian packages


First, apply patch to fix init.d script: syncroedit-init.d-fix.diff

cd server/
sudo ./debian/rules binary
cd ..
sudo dpkg -i synchroedit-server_0.5-1_all.deb 


cd client/
sudo ./debian/rules binary
cd ..
sudo dpkg -i synchroedit-client_0.5-1_all.deb 

Now, deploy the client:

cd /data
mkdir synchroedit-client
synchroedit-deploy synchroedit-client

Setup ESPI

This is a tricky part. I didn't want to depend on php for this installation so I decided to write simple ESPI in perl.