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osmocom: Revision 7

voice info

17:42 < dpavlin> stupid question about by first experiment with osmocom-bb - are hex 
                 numbers I see scroll by voice data by any chance or controll stream?
17:42 < steve|m> dpavlin: that's the voice_ind
17:43 < steve|m>
17:43 < steve|m> so maybe revert this commit in your local branch if you don't need that 
                 (transferring voice data to the host)
17:45 < dpavlin> Great. With something like pipe I could go a long way :-)
17:46 < dpavlin> Can I inject it over serial port? For something like text2speech?
17:46 < steve|m> tnt has code for that, but he hasn't committed it yet
17:46 < steve|m> jolly even has written an interface to LCR
17:49 < dpavlin> I would love to help test it, if such help is needed.


git clone git://