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Eee PC: Revision 3

Here are my notes about setup of various stuff on Eee PC to make it work better for me.


Edit /usr/bin/ and insert something along following lines before exec icewm

 sudo rm /tmp/nologin

 xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources
 setxkbmap hr us
 xterm &

 exec icewm

Compressed root filesystem

I don't really care much about Xandos on my Eee PC. However, I really do like idea about having read-only system filesystem (especially if your startup scripts are breakable as easy as ones on eee are). So, to improve this idea, I started to think how to compress read-only partition so I can at least save space.

As a first experiment, I copied whole flash from eee (about 3.6Gb used) and compressed it using gzip -1 (lowest possible compression level). I was quite amazed to see that resulting archive was only 1.3Gb. So, I was up to something (and additional 2Gb of free space on 4Gb eee is also nice :-)

Here is collection of references about this issue: