SocialText CSS design

This page collect various parts which used to be in Socialtext Open Wiki Install, but since they are more oriented towards wiki admins and designers, it's here as separate page.

New skin (CSS design) creation

cd /usr/share/nlw/css/
cp -r st rot13
st-admin set-workspace-config --workspace rot13 skin_name rot13
vi rot13/screen.css

See also CSS kit at SocialText Open Wiki

Keep local changes in SVN

It's important to save local modifications, because next make install will overwrite your changes in /usr/share/nlw. One possibility is to do overlay svn checout over /usr/share/nlw and than svn add and svn commit every change:

cd /usr/share
svn co file:///data/st-custom/share nlw.svn
cd nlw.svn
find . | cpio -pdu ../nlw/
cd - && rm -Rf nlw.svn
cd nlw
svn info